Bouncing ball playblast, improved bounce and frame rate

This is the final playblast of my bouncing ball, it still looks a little choppy but i think that is a problem with exporting from Adobe Premiere, I’m still getting to grips with this program. it would also be nice to have some sound effects in this, but I think I can better represent my use of sound in future animations.


Lattice Deformer

We were sent instructions on how to add a squash deformer to our bouncing ball, good as this may look, it wasn’t the effect i wanted tot have on my ball because it looks unrealistic. I wanted it to look like a real fruit hitting the surface. I took reference from one of my videos showing a tomato bouncing, although its not a peach it would have similar bouncing properties as an organic sample.

I spent some time playing around with other deformers to achieve the effect I wanted and I found the lattice deformer. I couldn’t get it to work properly with the peach and this video explained to me that i needed to keep the deformer in a static position and to let the peach pass through it.