The Jump Animation


Character Synopsis and Thumbnail Poses:

Pose Renders

Jump Reference

As silly as this video is, it still serves as a good reference for the motion of the human form jumping. Although it doesn’t have an reference for a solid landing, the take off has a lot of variation.

I found this great Youtube Channel called “EndlessReference” its packed full of reference videos for all types of movement. It’s handy that they show the footage from a side view and front view so it would be possible to use it on an image plane in Maya.

Here is a clip from a new animated movie called Ballerina, I’ve included it because of the elaborate jumps contained similar to the one I intend to create.

1:10 for slow mo ballerina leap.

1:20 slow mo facial movement


I’ve included images as reference also, as the really capture the essence of the moment and express a lot of emotion, particularly on the little boys face. It is also grate reference for how the body contorts on a still frame.

Extreme Poses

Updated Extreme Poses

Primary Blocking

Timing spacing and favouring

Secondary Blocking

Overlap and follow through

Lip Syncing


Here is the most recent composition of my jump animation. I have been trying to finesse the overlap and follow through, arcs and timing, these are the things that I feel reall make an animation come alive. Sadly I was unable to finish this animation, I had to put it on hold to make time to complete our RSA animation. There then wasn’t enough time once we handed it in to then complete this and the modelling and rigging project. I would have liked the time to add in the hat as it would have been a really nice addition to the animation as it really helped to sell the cocky slightly drunk cowboy look I was going for. After the hand it i will be continuing to finesse this as it could be a good addition to my show reel.

Hat Flourish

To effectively incorporate the extra prop in to my scene I will need to use both FK and IK controllers for the arms. Using the IK controller allows me to parent the IK handle to the hat, in turn driving the arm with the hat. This prevent any sliding that could occur when try to eyeball it with an FK controller. An issue i have been facing is transitioning between the FK and IK modes. I have been using this documentation on FK/IK blending to to fond the correct way to have a smooth transition.





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