Idea #4

Sakina came up with our fourth idea. During our first talk we spoke about having Kyoto Gardens as one of our locations. From this Sakina came up with the idea of having CG origami creatures. These creatures would be easy enough to model and we could definitely set up some very realistic paper shaders to be applied to the models. This is also inline with our plan to keep it very simple but effective.

Each  piece of origami has a different meaning depending on what creature it is.

Crane – Happiness, Good luck and peace
Fish – Freedom, courage
Dragon – power, wisdom success
Llama – Responsibility and Hard work
Cat – Independence, balance
Turtle – protection

I like the idea of having a crane. Firstly I think it’s the most iconic of the origami creatures and would be instantly recognisable. Secondly the emotions that it has associated with it would coincide nicely with the calm, peaceful environment of Kyoto Gardens.

Here is a small concept I drew onto a photocopy from a 3D Artist magazine. On the left you can see the final image of that scene. this is a good example of photo-realism of a Japanese garden.


Although this is a stop motion video it is good reference if we wanted to show our origami creature folding itself up or down.

Here is a reference of origami done in CG, by the looks of the render it is done in C4D. I have an OK understanding of C4D so I will be doing some R&D tests to see if I can recreate the same effect.




Here is a rough story board for my idea. I have a couple of establishing shots at the beginning, so the audience can get a sense of the environment. We wanted to include some slow motion and waterfalls look really interesting in slow motion as they flow down the rocks. Next are just some shots that only show a small part of the bird. I think having a sense of mystery would later help sell the feeling of awe and beauty we are trying to achieve.



On Monday we all went to our chosen location of Kyoto Gardens, to go and see where we we would place all of our shots, here are just some of the images of different shots that we liked. We brought the Black Magic camera along with us but it died almost instantly, so we knew for the next day we would have to bring a different camera.

This is the updated rough story board I put together from our first shoot, I’ve given this to Sakina and she’s is going to creating a more detailed one as she is better at drawing than myself. This is based off of the shots we decided on monday.


On Tuesday we went on a test shoot. My friend Isaac agreed to come help us shoot as he has a lot of experience with camera work, plus he loaned us his camera which was a massive help because our Black Magic died on us. We planned for it to be a test shoot but we did capture some really nice footage which we might use in the final piece. Below is quick slap comp of the shots we planned out in our storyboard.


We had tonnes of great footage so I also put together a few other quick animatics so i could experiment with a few different ideas. I really like the last version, it reminds me of a nature documentary and I think that could be a really interesting concept to play with.



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