Idea #1

Our first idea revolved around the idea of London at night time. We all agreed that London at night time is really beautiful with all of the bright lights in central London. We also agreed that this is even more true at Christmas time when London is lit up with all of the Christmas lights.

We were discussing the idea of having Santa’s sleigh crash land into an iconic part of London. I like this idea because it is relevant to the time of year for this project and it would be instantly recognisable being in central London. I also liked the idea because it would be possible to include some particle and fluid FX work with snow and the crash landing. FX work is something I would like to try and incorporate into all of our ideas because it is the field I am most interested in, although I would need to make sure it is done subtly and doesn’t over power the rest of the piece.

When we first thought about the idea of London at night time, the first thing that sprang to my mind was the CG piece by students from Hertfordshire, “Bertie the Elephant”. This, I thought was a brilliant piece, it really captures the the beauty of London, with really nice lighting and shallow depth of field.


I have put together some images in a mood board to give a better idea of the concept and mood. These images come from various different places. The movies “Elf” and “The Santa Clause 1-3” have some good reference for Santa’s sleigh in CG. And the other images are either still from “Bertie the Elephant” or images of iconic areas of London at night time. If we decide to pursue this idea further, I would like to move around London at night taking photos of various locations so we could have a better idea of where we would want to shoot.



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