Here are the first screen shots from the basic blocking out of my scene. I have been playing around with the camera angles and basic lighting to give a feel for the mood of the scene. The first shot is to give the environment a setting, up in the mountains, dead trees, pale light, all these help the audience identify the location and weather. From the outside everything looks like a normal cave dwelling. As we move inside there is a more warm glow from the fire, giving a homely feel. On the walls and surfaces we see odd objects you wouldn’t expect most cave men to have. Currently there are blue prints, tools, books and calendar on the wall. I’m still going to add some fur pelts on the floors and walls; also some kind of bedded area and general clutter so it looks lived in. There is a mysterious blue light coming from the back, obscured by a curtain, this I intend to stay hidden and just subtly show a flickering blue light, to make the audience curious and then, towards the end, reveal the source.


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