Matte Painting Background

I needed to create a backdrop for my out door scene do to the blank space behind the mountains and to give a more realistic look to the scene. I’ve been tying my hand at some basic matte painting, to do this I have been using these two images and blended them together to create the environment I wanted. I have set it up so that the sunlight in the images follows the sun direction within my scene. I then layered them on top of each other and erased any unwanted parts. Next I changed the levels, colour balance, hue and saturation until both images looked like they came from the same image. And finally I added some Gaussian blur to give the impression that it is in the distance.


After placing it into my scene I noticed that the colours did not mach up to the colours in my scene so as a final step I have adjust the colour balance to follow the same scheme as my environment.



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