Idea One

My first idea is based on the restaurant opposite my house. It is an Italian restaurant, with a Spanish name and run by eastern Europeans. I am convinced it is a money laundering scheme to help get the dirty money into the system. My environment would be set behind the scenes in the kitchen area, away from prying customers eyes. The area will be modeled to look like a working kitchen, with animations of bubbling pots; with steam and smoke rising, swaying utensils, shouts of the chefs and a few subtle hints as to the real purpose of the restaurant. These could include a mysterious black case placed on the surface by an unseen person, a door at the back of the room slightly ajar with dim light and muffled voices or suggestive lighting to show the more devious side.

I have taken reference from two video games to help support this idea, the two games are Grand Theft Auto IV and Mafia II. I chose both of these as the both revolve around organised crime. Mafia II, as the name suggests is about the mafia, I’m using this as reference because I will be able to see different environments gangsters are in and how they cover it. I chose GTA IV because the main character is from Europe and may give and insight into how a organised crime is orchestrated over seas.

Below are some images of restaurant and cafe environments from Mafia II. Mafia II is set around the 1930’s and 40’s which can be seen in the characters clothing and from the decor of the rooms. This can also be seen in the low, orange lighting and heavy use of wooden textures. Although these are not all the features I would have in my scene, they are important for setting the mood for the story. My scene, being set in more recent times, will have cleaner, brighter surfaces; white and brushed metal but still with the mafia presence, possibly with trilby hats and trench coats.


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