What industry roles interest me?

After a bit of searching, a few roles have started to stand out to me, these are; character animator, effects animator, animator, VFX artist and concept artist. I plan to look into all of these different positions to gain a better understanding and see what interests me to look deeper into.

Before starting on the course, being a visual effects artist was a field that interested me greatly and still does today. My interested started when at college, Double Negative came in to our college and gave a presentation on working within the VFX industry. They spoke about all the different pathways within the company, from concept artists to compositors and the process of becoming a member of the team at DNeg. Most people start out as a runner, delivering post, grabbing coffees, printing just being an all round helper. Currently on the DNeg website they are offering positions as a 2D or 3D runner, and from being a runner you are promoted to your field of interest usually after 12 months.




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