Final Animation

In this animation it was my job to create the scene with the stop sign and the car, the factories animation, the water skiing, the cars rationed and outrageous scenes and the parts of the rain scene, mainly the camera, rain and lightning effects, i was also responsible for doing the post production editing, this included compositing everything and adding in FX like sparks and lightning.



We were all given the task to create billboards for our version of ‘Time Sqaure’ herre are the images I created. We felt we had to create our own so that they would fit into the style of our animation. If we had more time it would’ve been nice have some of the advert being animated.

The are all supposed to be slightly satirical, poking fun at societies need to always be consuming.

The Big Idea

Here is the ‘Big Idea’ I wrote for our submission to the RSA:

Over the past century our planet has observed unprecedented changes to our atmosphere, oceans, and forests. We have plundered more than 80% of the Earth’s natural forests; over exploited up to 85% of our global fish stocks and sat back and watched as our climate has changed to a near irreversible state.
Our animation is focused on bringing the issues of climate change and over consumption to the forefront of our societies mind. Richard Sennett is correct in saying that, the way we view climate change needs to be altered before we can truly start tackling the issues we face. Once people understand that the welfare of our planet is more important, than having the latest iPhone or the newest Dolce and Gabbana handbag, then we can start to make a difference in the world.
The people we really want to connect with, are the ‘Generation Now’, the generation who is really beginning to see the negative side effects of climate change. We are the generation, with that greater awareness of climate change, left to find innovative and creative ways to solve these problems before it is too late. We hope to resonate with our audience with the use of 3D animation, a style our generation has been surrounded by, on TV, at the cinema and online. We want to tap into people’s love for animation by presenting our work in a visually appealing and light hearted fashion, that still sparks inspiration in all generations, not just our own.

What is our big idea? We want to bring the issues we are facing in modern society, such as climate change and over consumption, to the forefront of our audience`s mind. When society is more aware of the issues we are involved in, it leads to better education and innovation of ways to tackle these problems.
We are focusing our animation towards the Generation Now, the generation who is really beginning to see the negative side effects of climate change. We feel we can connect with the Generation Now through the use of 3D animation, with all of us growing up surrounded by 3D animation in films, on TV and on the internet; plus, being a medium we are all passionate about, it makes it the perfect format for us to present our idea.


We needed to create backgrounds for our animation that would fit with our style. we decided on this triangular effect as it would go with our polygonal style. I created a normal gradient image like this

Then i imported it onto a web based program called

With this program i was then able to set up the triangulation using a set of points and the outcome looked like this.

Dorota then edited the dark one to fit more into our animation and added some moving stars for added depth.


Here are our animatics, showing the development of our ideas. the first one is frrom the very start of the project when we didnt have a very good idea of where we ere going with it. and the second is towards the end of our project when we were starting to get all the animations and camera angles down.

New World

During our process of putting the world together, it was becoming more apparent that the scale of what we were trying to achieve was too much and that we had drifted too far away from our original idea of having something simple. Our map was running very slow on Maya, almost to the extent that it was unusable, so we went back to the drawing board and Dorota came up with the idea for this much smaller and more concise map.

This version of the map was much less stress on our laptops and also we were able to have a flow to move around the map with our animations which we weren’t able to have in the previous version.

World, model creation and inspirration

This is the design process we went through, first of all we wanted to define a style. I felt Constructivism would be a g0od style, not only because of the strong bold features of the buildings, but at the simple clean lines used throughout would make modeling much easier for us in the future.Once we had our style we moved onto making tests for our city, to make sure the style would fit, there images in the middle courtesy of Tomas. Next we came up with ideas for the map our city would be placed into. First of all we settled on the rectangular map made by Tatiana, this was loosely based off of The Isle of Dogs, and Greenwich, something we felt our audience could connect with. This was later changed however.


Creating the river for our scene

I wanted to experiment as much as possible during this project as I believe its a great way to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge of Maya outside of our lectures. These are the tutorials I have used to help me create a realistic and reactive body of water to be used for the river in our map.

Here are some models and tests I used in creating this water.

This test took about 12 hours to render, so for the final scene i had to reduce the amount of particles, it made the water look less realistic but still achieved a similar effect.