First draft story notes.

Use free 5 seconds for intro
“modern society” Scene starts off with long shot of the city, camera then zooms into the city, through buildings and into the sky train where people are sitting on their phones, mp3, tablets etc. scene zooms out from billboard into ‘time square’ like setting.
“all the issues that we’re involved in climate change” camera pans past factories, refuse centre (dump) airports, cars, power stations etc.
“all the practical things we know how to do” camera pans past solar panels, wind turbines, any for of renewable energy
“moral mindset” scene flip, like we spoke about last meeting, (see example video)
“not only willing but anxious” Unsure at the moment, we could possibly just have the text on the screen or some how incorporated in the scene.
“There is no way” Camera zooms into a street stop sign.
“still do everything you want” lots of cars driving around
“survive” cars crash through big 3d ‘survive’
“shrink” buildings, cars begin to shrink
“cars rationed” cars disappear in some manner
outrageous, from what is left from the cars disappearing outrageous is spelt
“not outrageous” a few cars pop back up, maybe turn into bikes or electric cars.
“practical policies” unsure at the moment
“bite, bite cut perhaps”, buildings disapear with bites
“moral climate”, clouds parting,
“face with danger”, moving out of city, night time, rain etc
“I will live with less”, birds eye view of new


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