First draft render of my final animation

This is the first draft for my final animation. Things I still need to add, is i need to re render the 2nd camera angle as it doesn’t have the back lighting it should have, this can be seen in my render images. I also need to re render the POV camera, because I have improved the hand, hips and shoulder animations, to make them look more fluid and less rigid. I would also like to work on the lighting a bit more as I’m still getting the dotted effect and I’m a little unsure how to fix it, I will look into changing the Final Gather settings in the render settings. I seem to have lost some quality and colour in the process of exporting from Premiere and uploading to Youtube, this isn’t so much of a problem as I have rendered out some high quality stills.

After I had refined the animations, I focused on the lighting and camera angles. I did this because I think that they are the best methods to express artistic taste and set the mood for the scene. The mood is also set with the deep breathing and heart beats at the start of the song used in this scene.

The one camera angle I’m not too fond of is the POV shot from the balls perspective, I might change this to an over the shoulder shot, so its more in line with the style of camera angle used as the Animo rig is sneaking.

For this render I had to sacrifice some of the quality, only rendering at 720p, instead of 1080 like I would like, just because the rendering times would take too long. This is also the case for some of the lighting effects as well.


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