First Render with textures, lighting and camera settings.

This is my first render of my ball with legs animation. I wanted to make a full render of this animation because, after I had cleaned up the animation of the walk cycle, I was pleased with the results. I’m still unsure about the movement of the feet and body in the spin section, I will have to revisit this.

I have been experimenting with different lighting set ups to familiarise myself with all the different settings, in this render I’m using an array of spot lights and point lights. I took reference from tutorials and images I found on the internet.

I have also been applying the camera skills we looked at in class last week and from the tutorials on cinematography in Maya, both of these I found extremely useful, not having much knowledge of this field before. I have used moving and static shots; long shots and close ups. I am also planning on adding in an extreme long shot in as well, possibly with a wide angle lens, so I can view the whole stage, with the full lighting array.

I have rendered this out on Adobe Premiere Pro, I haven’t used it before but it was very easy to navigate and pick up. I have used Michael Jacksons billy Jean as the music to go over the top, of course, it is a moon walk after all. I think could better synchronise the music with the dance because i did getting the timings and movement from a reference video of Michael Jacksons moon walk to Billy Jean.


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