Ball with tail improved framrate 60fps

With this playblast I have finally come up with a solution for my slow playback speed.

The issue was the frame rate in the viewport compared to the playblast was different, the playblast played at real time 24fps, whereas the viewport was set to play every frame and timing set to free. I tried speeding up the key frames, but this messed with the curves on the graph editor and some clipping occurred between the objects in the scene. Then I tried increasing the frame rate, but this still didn’t look as smooth as it did in the viewport.

I finally managed to create the correct speed and smoothness by converting the the frame rate to 60fps, baking the animation, then, shortening the key frames on the time slider, to the desired speed. although I don’t think this is the correct way to solve the issue, it will do for now. in the future before I start doing any animation I will change the playback speed to realtime to avoid any issues.


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