Running Reference


Bi Ped Walk First Test

My main focus for this test was to pay more attention to detail, I have been using round numbers for my key frames and then copying them over to the respective channel on the opposite leg. by doing this it makes each leg symmetrical and look more realistic.

When working within a structured animation that has symmetrical opposing key frames, it makes it very easy to add in other movements in the arms and upper body. I still need to finesse these actions

Moon walk test 2

Here is the 2nd test of my moonwalk, I have added in extra cycles of the moonwalk and moved the the ball backwards. I have added in a video as a movie plane so i could constantly take reference from it as I animated, I wanted to create realistic spacing and timings so I animated pose to pose with frames from the video.

I was having some issues making the feet and body move at the correct speed together but I think I have fixed it within the graph editor although it could look a little bit smoother. I also have had difficulty with the spin because when Maya animates in-between key frames it distorted some of the model, I tried to fix this by animating frame to frame but this was a little time consuming and the animation looks a little choppy because of this, i am going to try and smooth it out on the graph editor.

Ball with tail improved framrate 60fps

With this playblast I have finally come up with a solution for my slow playback speed.

The issue was the frame rate in the viewport compared to the playblast was different, the playblast played at real time 24fps, whereas the viewport was set to play every frame and timing set to free. I tried speeding up the key frames, but this messed with the curves on the graph editor and some clipping occurred between the objects in the scene. Then I tried increasing the frame rate, but this still didn’t look as smooth as it did in the viewport.

I finally managed to create the correct speed and smoothness by converting the the frame rate to 60fps, baking the animation, then, shortening the key frames on the time slider, to the desired speed. although I don’t think this is the correct way to solve the issue, it will do for now. in the future before I start doing any animation I will change the playback speed to realtime to avoid any issues.

Ball with tail test 2

In this test I have focused on making the ball movements more fluid and also adding some tail movements.

I’m finding some of the tail movements quite challenging to make look realistic, in particular the movements of the tail as it falls off the cushion, I have looked at some references but it is hard to apply. I’m going to have a look, more closely, at the graph editor, to see if I can smooth out some of the animations, to fix this.

On the other hand, I feel I have done a good job on the tail movements as it jumps back up, I had a good reference video for this movement and I can see how much it has helped. I should see if I can find another falling video reference to improve my other animations.